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Are You Effin' Serious?
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1st-Jan-2020 03:52 am - Journal of kHo
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25th-Feb-2016 01:53 am - Fic Collection
I keep forgetting to post these to livejournal!!!  There's actually twice this many posted since the last time I rememered to post, but you can just catch up directly there if you want.  These are the "real" stories.

What Kind of Crazy is This
R, 11935 words, Kono/Danny, Kono/Adam, etc

When someone sits next to her she opens her eyes to snap at them to move, there’s plenty of seating here so there’s no need to crowd her, but she’s met by crystal blue eyes and a hand gently taking hers. “Danny.”

Let the Brocation Commence
NC17, 26,108 words, Steve/Danny

“Can’t a guy give another guy a surprise brocation,” Danny asks, spreading his hands wide and grinning even wider.

NC17, 2242 words, Steve/Danny

It’s three before they stop and Danny is no longer drunk and no longer falling asleep standing up but he’s still buzzing with a low grade happiness he hasn’t felt in a long time and looking at Steve it seems like he is too, so they kind of stand there after Steve turns off the vacuum cleaner and grin at each other for a hell of a lot longer than anyone would ever consider normal.

Cro-Magnon Men (For a Day)
R, 1480 words, Steve/Danny, Kono, Chin

Total complete crack... total and utter complete crack... Steve and Danny turn into cavemen for a day. Hilarity ensues.

Like Time Suspended
R, 3116 words, Steve & Danny, Clara

Post ep 6x15: “Okay first of all don’t think for one second that I don’t know Danny tells you everything,” Clara says with a twinkle in her eye. “And second of all, you do realize you are family now right?”

Beastie Boy t Shirts & Backwards Hats
NC17, 3162 words, Steve/Danny

“Please,” Steve says, steepling his hands together. “Please tell me there is video somewhere of Scrappy Danny Who Beats Everyones Asses. Please?”

14th-Jan-2016 04:53 am - Laugh, I Nearly Died (McDanno, NC17)
Title:  Laugh, I Nearly Died
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rated: NC17
Notes: PWP, I don't even know when it's set.  I got distracted by a sexy song.

Read on AO3 here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5719237
Hey guys, over the past couple of weeks I've come back into the fandom of Hawaii Five O... (and fandom in general, what??? writing?!!!) and forgot about posting them to here on livejournal because after four years of falling off the face of the Earth, I forgot where all I was supposed to post!  

Title: Got Serious Issues (But Not the Ones You Mean)
Pairing: Steve & Danny
Rated: R, language
Notes: Post-ep to the latest episode (Kuleana) because I was dissatisfied we didn't get this kind of a closer. To me, this is simply a deleted scene we didn't have time to see, aka my Head Canon until proven otherwise.
“You shut up,” Steve snaps back, frown deepening. “Stop taking on the guilt of the whole god damned world, other people need to shoulder their own!”

Title: The After
Pairing: Steve & Danny
Rated: R, language
Notes: episode tag to 5x04, post-Matt fallout

Right now he holds still as he watches Danny point the gun in Reyes’ face and shoot. Once. Just once, right between the eyes.
Title: Get Started Without Me (I'll Catch Up)
Pairing: Steve/D
Rated: NC-17
Notes: Takes place throughout the series, up to and including season 6 of what's currently aired as of 6x10

It almost seems natural that after you’ve had your ass kicked, pistol whipped, knocked unconscious for God knows how long, that when you come to and your partner is half past insane with worry and panic for him to be grabbing you by your shirt and hauling you up into a kiss.
Title: Brick to the Side of the Head
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rated: R, language
Notes: future fic, no specific spoilers just "hasn't happened yet"

To say it came out of nowhere as far as Steve was concerned would be a major understatement.

Title: The Perfect Partners Workbook:  At a Glance
Pairing: Steve & Danny
Rated: R, language
Notes: post ep tag for 5x17

Jennifer Lawrence (and no I've not seen Hunger Games yet) and Tatiana Maslany.  Maslany from Orphan Black and Jennifer Lawrence won me over despite the deplorably awful movie I saw with her in it... House at the end of the street or, left, or, something.  Some awful horror movie that was bad and stupid and just awful period, and YET.  She was engaging.  And then I saw Silver Linings, and then I saw some interviews with her, and yeah.... she's completely awesome.


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stana katic
13th-May-2013 06:37 am - Woah, lj changed
Hiya!  Just a few quick things, I think I've gotten my fannish squee back?  I saw Iron Man 3 and I was all afluster with fannish YAY and a hankering for a good raving about it to someone....  and not just someone, but equally geekish someones!!!

So yeah, Iron Man 3, made of win.  Without spoiling I'll just say 3 down (well 4 if you count Avengers) and 0 disappointments as far as I'm concerned.  I'll admit I wasn't as enamored with 2 as I was 1, and while I definitely loved 3 and it FAR outranks 2, I still love 1 best...  But I think 2 also suffered from the fact that I was very married to Terrance Howard as Rhodey, even given how much I adore Don Cheadle.  By now though I've embraced Cheadle as Rhodey so I'm fine with it.   I'm too tired to truly get into the awesomeness of Iron Man 3, so no spoilers without a cut, and no need for a cut for now, but assume that there may be spoilers in comments if you haven't seen it.

My current televisiony obsession is Orphan Black.   WOW.  It's interesting, it's rivetting, it's crazy, it's creepy, it's funny, it's emotional, it's sexy, it's dark, it's kooky, it's tons and tons of things, and the acting is top notch.  Especially by the lead actress whom I've never seen before, Tatiana Maslany.

Cut for picture throwing my layout off balance!Collapse )

Watch it, it comes on directly after Doctor Who on BBC America.

Anybody else watching Orphan Black?  I love it so much.  I don't really have any shows I care enough about to be OOOOOOH It's _________ Night about anymore except this one.   (I didn't fall out of love with Once Upon a Time, but I did get way backed up and need to catch up with pretty much the entire season.)  I also am still liking Supernatural, but am not AS in love with it as I used to be.
24th-Mar-2013 02:36 am - Hello dear old friend

Hi everyone whose likely forgotten I exist. I miss you! I fell out of the habit and can't get it back. I've tried for years to get it back. Got it back for a spurt a while back but it left again. And it's not cuz I grew up, it's cuz I am not in love with any shows I want to write for anymore!!!! I hope everyone is well and happy and that ONE DAY I pray I will find a show that hits my perv button and awakens my writiness. I MISS IT!!!

My shows now consist of a passing interest in Hawaii Five O, a love for Castle that has not once dwindled (bless you Fillion!), and the full surrender to the fact that stupid guilty pleasure shows called Real Housewives Of _____________ makes me happy. Favorite Jersey. Second Beverly Hills.

Need to catch up on Supernatural.

Waiting for Doctor Who and Sherlock BBC.

Very excited about a new BBC America show I saw the trailer for the other day whose name I've forgotten but airs the thirtieth at 9.

And. That's about it. Everything else had been being depressed about how broke I am and fulfilling my soul by immersing myself heavily in dog rescue work. If I got paid for what I currently do for CAAWS I'd be earning triple figures. LOL.

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11th-Aug-2012 12:04 pm - Not dead. Promise.
Hey all, what's up?  Not too much here, just a whole lot of nothing.  LOL.  I miss livejournal!  I miss my livejournal people!  I miss my livejournal addiction, I miss my shows, I miss my writing, I miss ALL OF IT.  

Fandom Check!

It seems like the majority of my shows have either gone off the air or might as well be.  Grey's Anatomy might as well be off the air.  House is done.  Chuck is done.  Desperate Housewives is done.  SGA has done been done.  

I still have Castle right?  That didn't get cancelled did it?  I honestly can't even remember what shows I used to watch that haven't been cancelled.  Hawaii Five O was hit and miss, but I do love my Steve n Danno.  Glee, I can't imagine how it's going to go about post-graduation but... am willing to find out.    Once Upon a Time to look forward too as well, as long as it got renewed... think it did.... Oh and Suburgatory.

Anyone else seen Fairly Legal?  It's Sara Shahi from The L Word, like the sexiest woman ever, and it's cute and funny as hell and clever and I love it.  Alas the season is over, actually been over a while back, but I never talked about it so I'll talk now.
Also enjoyed Common Law, which the season just ended last night, but good show.

I need to eventually see White Collar.

I've been rewatching House lately in reruns.  Love marathons.  I miss House.  House is still, to me, one of the if not THE most interesting, complex, enthralling characters to ever come to life on my tv screen.

What are you guys watching?  

I'm looking forward to Go On with Matt Perry... cuz, it's Matt Perry.  

I think Fox should rename itself GRC.  Gordon Ramsey Central.  Not that I'm complaining, I love that asshole just as much as everyone else does, LOL.  I think him and Tabatha Coffey should have rude, punky, blonde, asshole kids and give them a tv show, i don't know, critiquing macaroni art or something.  (Okay seriously?  I really would watch the hell out of that, lol).

Your turn!
Hi guys, long time no see. Since I got out of lj I am so behind the times! I didn't even know
Aaron Sorkin had a new show coming out until I clicked on the imdb to look something else up and noticed their main poster was "airing tonight from the writer of The Social Network". EEE. I kind of can't contain myself at this point and had to jump on lj to squee. Hope you guys don't hate me, I don't know why I've never been able to get back into lj since I dropped out. It was never intentional, and I really really miss it, but.... I can only say "okay I'm back now" only to flake out 2 months later so many times before I feel like a liar. It's not a lie, it's a not knowing why I am not sticking!

Anyway. SORKIN. On hbo! Where they can curse! Yay! Please Sorkin, please please please be the wonderful amazing writer you were on Sports Night and The West Wing, not the pontificating dick you were on Studio 60. Please?!!!!
Megaupload is gone?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um, hate to say it but... do I get my money back? LOL. Probably not, but um... maybe I don't want it back because then that also means they know I... pirated... no they don't. Yes they do. I don't know. Um....


26th-Dec-2011 01:59 am - Darren Criss
So for some reason this year I stopped watching Glee but I finally sat down and caught up and yeah. Still love it. I'm now reliving season 2. Can someone explain to me why Blaine makes my heart go pitter-pat? Like when he's just acting I adore him as Kurt's boyfriend etc, but when he sings my hert swells like fifty bazillion times. LOL. I mean, okay, my Cush on this show is totally Santana, but Blaine is for sure number 2.
23rd-Dec-2011 12:53 am - Hi guys!
Just thought I'd come on here and say I miss you, and I don't know why I can't get back into LJ for real! No, for real, I mean, like... Like I used to be! I guess you could say I've "matured" but that's just a load of crap. I haven't! And while I've been a bit busy, I was busier when I blogged more! The busier I was, with work and school at the time, the more I relaxed on LJ! What the heck, ya'll?

I guess cause I can't write? If I can't write, I'm nothing, I suppose. LOL. I'd LIKE to write. I've had ideas. Inklings. But nothing's really grabbed at me and had me go OOH OH OH I MUST SLASH YOU since Stargate Atlantis. :( Oh, show, I miss you so.

Favorite shows at the moment are still Chuck and Castle. Also, Suburgatory is damn funny. (also the real housewives of beverly hills i'm kind of addicted to but shhhh, i'm not admitting that outloud, WHISPERING!)

Hawaii Five-O sucks. All ya'll who called it in the beginning of the season, you were right, I was wrong. I was all, I don't watch for the plot anyway, what do I care if the plots are worse! Yeah. I care. Apaprently. I don't know, I don't even really enjoy the show at all anymore except for my yummy Scotty Caan, and Steve/Danno interaction... which is kind of less this season, isn't it? I always do something else when I'm watching it... play dice or words with friends on my iphone or something. Crochet. Read. I never used to do that.

Still doing the website thing. The latest: http://www.brandednola.com. It's perty huh? It's my favorite one I've done so far. That one and http://www.woogiewescue.org. Speaking of the website thing... know what sucks? When you work on someone's $600 website and when you're done, they drop off the face of the earth and don't pay you. Yeah. That sucks. I did get a $200 deposit but I'm still waiting on that $400. I'm gonna have to sue the bitch to get it, and I think suing will cost more than I get in return... though I think I can get court costs if I win. I am contemplating. Anyone a business attorney on this thing?

Wank. I still roll my eyes at you. I love/hate you, wank. *pets* I see that people are still the whiney bitches they were when I stopped frequenting this place, huh? Awwww. Never change fandom. You give me the giggles.

Happy holidays again, hope you all have great ones! This is yet another attempt at getting back into LJ... I think we can all predict that I'll fall off the face of the earth again shortly, but here's to hoping I don't!!!!

BTW, what are the big fandom juggernauts these days? It's not still Twilight is it? I just CAN'T get into that. Or Inception. I tried, I really really tried.
22nd-Dec-2011 12:07 am - Happy holidays everyone!

see picCollapse )

27th-Nov-2011 09:07 pm - Emma Stone

There's not too many young actors I love. For a long time it was Ryan Gosling and that's it. Then I loved Rachel McAdams. Now it is Emma Stone. Once again I can't define it other than to say there's a certain authenticness. J'adore. She needs to be in more things.

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6th-Nov-2011 06:18 am - hey yous guys!
What am I obsessed with lately? Let's see. Castle, even though I miss the Chief dearly. Hawaii Five-O is kind of... mildly amusing? I am missing the fun of the first season a bit. Maybe you guys were seeing it clearer than I was the last time I talked about Hawaii Five-O. Chuck! Chuck is Chucktastic and yay. I am sad that this is it's last year, though thankful that they are going off the air before they suck (Grey's Anatomy, I'm looking at you). PSYCH. I love Psych so much.

*mumble*the real housewives of beverly hills*mumble*

When is Sherlock going to be on? Doctor Who is over for the season, right? Well I am waiting on my damned Sherlock!!!!

I am missing SGA something fierce these days.

Any new tv shows worth checking out? New movies? Fandoms? What's the shiny these days?

And how are all of you? I'm good at the moment. Got a few websites to tide me for a bit but I'm sure once that's gone the gloom will be back, lol.
19th-Oct-2011 10:22 pm - help?
is someone online now and able and willing to read an article I'm writing for my business regarding why All Flash websites are NOT a good idea? I need you to tell me if I've explained well, if it's interesting, if it's entertaining, and if it would make y ou want to continue to come back to read any future articles.

8th-Oct-2011 05:08 am - how petty am I?
I just refiled for Unemployment (either my benefit year had run out, or I ran out of money for the previous year, I forget, but I was only just now able to file again for it... the big whopping $66/week) and I had to dig up my letter of termination from my previous job and it just still sets my teeth on edge.
This email confirms that you were hired on a trial part-time basis in early February 2010 in attempt to create a new position, provided the position proved to be financially feasible. Unfortunately, it did not work out.

Lying. Liar. It was not presented to me as fucking temporary. You made sure to question my loyalty and what I wanted out of this job as far as permanence before you fucking hired me, you dickweed. Does that leave the impression of "temporary" and "part-time"? Considering I worked 40 hours a week for the first three months, says you didn't think of it as part-time at first either.

I still just get so angry at the way in which I was let go. He came into my office and said "Kelly, unfortunately your position is no longer needed, Christina will see you out." to which I sat there slack-jawed for 30 seconds before "So.... not even gonna finish the day? No two week notice? Just... leave now?" And he nodded, and left.

It then too them three months to give me what I asked for when I filed for foodstamps after termination: a copy of my last four paystubs and a letter of termination. I asked 5 times, and the last time I got rude with a girl that didn't deserve it. "I need these things which I'm asking for. If I didn't need them I wouldn't contact you guys at all, EVER. I am unemployed because of you, I am broke because of you, and BECAUSE OF YOU I cannot get foodstamps and CANNOT BUY FOOD. Give me my shit!" Yeah, that's verbatim.

Oh, the shitty thing? The truly truly truly shitty thing? He's a bankruptcy attorney and 2 weeks before he so unceremoniously kicked my ass to the curb? I brought him a client. My best friend. She hadn't even filed yet, but he had her money, so I guess I wasn't needed anymore. Bitch, I got you $1300, you can't even give me two weeks notice? Hell, can't even let me finish out the DAY?!

And this is why I'm petty. It's been a year. A year, and I STILL want to email him and tell him how shitty he is. LOL.

Lets see.. upon last count I've sent out 782 resume's and gotten 3 calls back, for part-time minimum wage jobs.... in the beginning, I said no I need to go for career not waste my time, now? Now I'll take $5/hour. Gotta fuckin' love this market, right? Currently I AM getting a bit of website business, just made $700 and have $300 on the way, but in a year I've made (including that $1000 right there) $2640. Oh man, livin' it UP, bitches.
5th-Oct-2011 05:48 am - podfic
Hi. My name is Kelly and I am an alcoholic.... no, I'm not, but I felt like I needed some sort of excuse for taking TEN MONTHS to complete uh, half of this fic. You see. It's 33,000 words. And I had to re-record it 4 times. Which is to say, I read it all the way through the first time forgetting that I didn't set the setting right. Another time half of the time the stupid fan was blaring in the background. The third time I... ha ha, so funny, yes, I laughed too, LOST it. Ha. Still funny. (Not.)

The fourth time may not be pristine but dag nabbit, at that point it'd been 6 months. Now I've spent four months editing, which is to say editing 30 minutes worth of output over the course of 2 hours of real time, hitting save, and going to bed with a headache and rage-on for my own voice. Then, three weeks later, doing it again. At this point I think I am married to this fic.

In order to give myself inspiration, I am putting out the first half before the second half is done editing. I am hoping that with a few comments, I might speed through this second half edit to not let you guys down and spend 3 hours a day over the next week or so and get it over with.


None of this detracts from the fact that I love love love this fic, and still do, despite that I think I have it memorized verbatim at this point. LOL. It's wonderful and I love how sholio handles all of the characters, especially Keller. Plus, I really love the plot.

Hope you enjoy! (If you don't, Im going to shoot myself in the head. Or just, ya know... cry.)

Honestly, if no one comments? I probably won't finish. I'm not doing this to be a hostage taker, I'm just saying, if the interest isn't out there I don't think I'll finish. However, even if it's one person, I'll edit an hours worth a day if I have to and send it to you piece-meal if that's what it takes.

Podfic of sholio's Devil and the Deep Blue Sea found over here.
5th-Oct-2011 03:14 am - Why so down, Charlie Browns'?
Why is everyone ranting about how horrible Hawaii Five O's become with it's thin plotlines and over the top obviousness? Did you guys not realize it was that last year too? Because I've never liked this show for being a good show. I'm sure I might get lambasted and probably hated by several on my very own f'list, unfriended by a few for this maybe, but.... It's kind of always been awful? The "tearjerker" episodes and the hammin' it up and the schlocky plots from hell that make my eyes roll. It's always been that for me. I've always known that were it not for Scott Caan, I would not be here.

Now that's not to say I only stay for Scott Caan. I stay FOR the badness too. To laugh at, it's fun. I also mean to say that I came for Scott, I stayed for Scott, and I fell in love with Danno, Danno N Steve, Kono, Chin, and TEAM.

This show is not a good show. It is not ground breaking. It is not hard hitting. It's not the funniest, it's not the cleverest, it's not the wittiest, it's not the cop-showiest, it's not even the prettiest. This show is awesome for four reasons: Danno, Stevo, Kono, and Chino... Okay, sorry, I added the O to everyone else, I had to add it to Chin.

Maybe that's just my opinion. But if you go back through my reviews of last season you will see how many times and how frequently I complained about how crap this show actually was. I think you people might have been bedazzled by the pretty that is Danno/Steve. Because it's pretty. It is. It's shiny. It's great filler/replacement for John/Rodney, it's kind of even Seth/Ryan a bit. We've been yearning for bickering snarkiness for a while now, the people we loved kept getting their shows cancelled.

But this show was never gonna win an award for anything other than Best Gayest NonGay Couple. And maybe a "Thank You For Being From Jersey Danny and Not Sucking" award. I don't know man, it just seems to me like I keep reading that Hawaii Five O is lame now and I'm like... and that's different how? I have seen no change in this season from last season, other than specific plots. Quality hasn't gone up or down, funny hasn't gone up or down.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to shit on anyone specifically. It's just something I've read several places and it's cracking me up. I just. I don't love this show any less this year than I did last year. I didn't put any stock in it whatsoever last year, had no faith, no expectations, it is totally cotton candy, popcorn, sugary mess of delight to me. I sit there ont he couch and giggle at Danny and Steve's bickering and wait for the Glaringly Obvious (not even subtext anymore) Do-Me Looks, and giggle and giggle and giggle. Chill people. Grab you some wine, get over the high-and-mighty I'm Better Than This Show-ness and enjoy teh slash. Isn't that what fandom is for?
4th-Oct-2011 02:01 am - oh my god
Delicious, you asshole, all that organization I had going on is now GONE?! Now it's called stacks instead of bundles and it's just GONE?! Tell me I'm missing something here. I'm sure I'm late, that I know, but... tell me I'm just mistaken.

ETA + 1hr Long Freakout: Luckily for me, I can say a big fat fuck you to delicious, I backed your ass up when you made me sign the "now transferring" thing (which I didn't read so I really shouldn't have signed it because I ain't got hardly NOTHING for ya that ain't pornographic in nature) and now that you've completely dismantled what I spent five years doing, I am moseying on over to diigo, and BOOYAH BITCHES. Fuck you, delicious.

Anyone else on diigo? Where have you moved your stuff to? Are you as pissed as me?

I'm on diigo here: http://www.diigo.com/user/kho_recs/

Unfortunately no bundles, but as of now it's really more abount principle for me. At least I can edit my damn tags there.

By the by, awesomesauce? There's a google chrome plugin called "Sharaholic" by which I can post things to diigo, delicious (booo!!!), faceboo (i was going to edit this and correct it to facebook, but faceboo makes me giggle too hard), twitter, and pasted into a brand new gmail mail all from the same button. I don't know if there's a firefox version or not, but I've been using chrome more often t han not lately for some reason. Anyway, I love it. Just wanted to share the sharaholic knowledge wealth.
3rd-Oct-2011 02:31 am - if only i had a brain
If i was smart enough, I would write this.

edited to hide vid behind cut as it jacks up my layoutCollapse )

This, plus a whole lot of porn.
20th-Sep-2011 04:25 am - Charlie Sheens roast.

Oh god enough with the Roasts. This is fucking ridiculous. It's pathetic. There are so many talented, hilarious comedians out there. So many, both popular & famous and underappreciated & unknown. You really can't find me ONE talented roaster to do these things? Really? Not even one? I guess this is to be expected when snorefest master Jeff Ross is involved but for fucks sake. The biggest name on the dais is Lovits and while I loved him on SNL 20 years ago he's about as has-been as they come. Ugh. Supremely disappointed.

You know what's pathetic? The funniest roaster is Kate Walsh. What? That's right Kate Walsh. From Greys Anatomy. Who is not a comedian. And yet she actually made me laugh.

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12th-Sep-2011 08:33 am - h50 fic blackout
Fandom:  Hawaii Five O
Title:  Blackout
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rated: PG13
Notes: I miss my show, when does it come back?!!!

Kicking inanimate objects doesn't work, learn the lesson.
11th-Sep-2011 06:37 am - Computer Geekery Explained
My Dad's been having computer issues lately and since I've always been able to fix whatever computer I have, he's had, Mom's had, or any of my friends or relatives have had, he asked me to write him up a How To Make This Shit Work When You're A Damn Engineer and STILL CAN'T DO IT Guide. LMFAO. No, he just said write him a "for dummies" manual. So, I thought I'd share it.

If You Don't Want to Deal With This, Get a Mac
No, there's no need to expand on that. Simply put, Mac's are exempt.

Why I've Never Ever Paid For Someone Else to Fix My Computer
Because there is no problem in existence that can happen to your computer that some tech-guy on some tech-forum hasn't already told countless people how to fix. If your system keeps doing stuff, or oh blessed day, keeps giving you a pop up like "driver display is not operating properly", you can find the fix to that problem on some, if not all, tech-forums.

Click Here For The Full How-To

Feel free to comment with questions, etc. I love computer geekery, I do.
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